BARN, Prince William County 2011

Builder Captain: Miller&Smith

Scott Alford of Miller&Smith oversaw extensive renovations to the BARN shelter grounds, including a new deck, design and installation of new playground equipment, a walking track and fresh landscaping.  Inside, the kitchen was renovated to provide each family with its own refrigerator and stove.

BARN’s goal is to move homeless women and their children to permanent, self-sufficient housing in two years or less.  BARN provides life skills classes for moms and school age children, tutoring for children, access to mental health treatment, dental and medical care.  BARN typically serves 12 moms and 20 to 24 children at any given time.

Project Photos


Trade Partners

AR-Jon Portable Toilets
Bee & H
Broad Run Contracting
Bryant Group, Inc.
Builders First Source
Commercial Concrete, Inc.
Commonwealth Recycled Aggregates, Inc.
D&H Landscaping
Falcon Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
Fred Borden
G&B Insulation & Garage Doors
GE Appliances
Hercules Fence

Industrial Disposal Service, Inc.

Johnson Drywall & Construction, Inc.
McCormick Paints
SBS Siding, Inc.
Signature Companies
Spring Valley Concrete
Stadler Nurseries
T.A.C. Ceramic Tile Co.
Target Surveys, Inc.
Titan Erosion Control Inc.
Tri-Star Development Corporation
TW Perry
Virginia Contractor Services, Inc.