Picture Your Life Project


HomeAid is hosting a voluntary photo project asking residents of local agencies and shelters to take snapshots of their life. Photos can be of people, places, pets and friends. We want to see photos of your daily life – where you work, go to school, where you sleep and the things you do in a typical day. Each person has a unique perspective on life and taking photos is a great way to share your life with others. You have one week to take pictures so Start Today!



Participation in “Picture Your Life” is completely voluntary. Disposable cameras will be distributed through case managers directly to clients. Clients are given one week to take photos. They are asked to return the used cameras to case managers. Please note that all requests to participate must come through your case manager. If you are a case manager and would like to register clients to participate, please READ OUR DISCLAIMER and REGISTER HERE.

Who can participate?  Because we rely upon the support of our shelter partners in distributing and collecting the cameras, only clients enrolled in current shelter programs are eligible to participate in “Picture Your Life.”

We need your help!  We are relying upon case managers and others, to not only distribute and collect the cameras, but to help explain the purpose and requirements of the project to your clients. Please refer to our Picture Your Life flyer for additional information.


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Your Best Shots

(See our Photo Suggestions for more information)

Send us photos of you at work, at school, at home having fun with the kids…or the things that make you sad or afraid or frustrated. We want fun and happy pictures and pictures of the things you worry about or the obstacles you face. Your story is unique and pictures are a great way to tell your story!

Be sure there is enough light for your photos – the more light, the better. Keep in mind that many people may see these photos so please no inappropriate shots of people doing things they wouldn’t want everyone to see.

You’ve got a story to tell, so tell it in pictures. While you are working hard to provide for your family show the world what it’s like to walk in your shoes for a day.


The photos will be used to help us tell your stories! For more information about how your pictures will be used, please see our Disclaimer.

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Thank You

 Inspired by HomeAid Houston’s Picture This! project, Picture Your Life is also supported in part by the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA).


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