Trade Partner Spotlight

Spring 2013:

Velasquez Contractors, Inc.

vci-logoWith more than 30 trade partners donating $450,000 worth of materials and labor to the Community Lodgings project, it was no easy task for Builder Captain Pulte Homes to single out one company. But in considering some of the bigger aspects of the job—completely reframing the interior units, framing windows, building a new porch and doing all of the exterior cornice work—Velasquez Contractors, Inc. quickly came to mind.

“Reframing this building was difficult to say the least,” said John Goodwin, resource planning manager with Pulte Homes, “as nothing in this old building was square, level or plumb! But right from the start, without even looking at the plans or discussing the scope of what we would be doing, Velasquez Contractors said, ‘No problem. We’ll take care of whatever you need and donate 100 percent of the cost.’ They were on board that quickly.” Sammy Velasquez, owner of the carpentry business serving the D.C. metro area that he founded 20 years ago, said he does it because he loves to help the community.

“Velasquez Contractors, Inc. has completed a lot of projects with us,” said HomeAid Northern Virginia Executive Director Christy Zetiz Eaton, “and they’re always willing to step up. They’ve worked with a lot of our builder captains over the years, and they’ve always been an integral part of the team. It’s always a pleasure to work with Sammy, and we’re grateful for all of the support they’ve given us over the years.”


Fall 2012:

Woodcrafts II, LLCwoodcrafters-logo

When it became clear to Builder Captain Craig Havenner, president of The Christopher Companies, that woodwork would be a significant part of The Alternative House/HomeAid Northern Virginia project, he knew just who to call for help: Doug Trombley, part owner of Woodcrafters II, LLC.

“They’re a small business in the community,” Havenner said, “and they focus almost entirely on woodwork. I knew they’d do a great job, and indeed, they supplied all of the labor, found a lumber supplier and made a very significant donation of time, labor and materials. It was a pleasure working with them.”

For Trombley, the ‘yes’ answer was an easy one, as he and co-owner Francisco Cerpa always try to do at least one community-related service project a year. “I also have a teen-aged niece and nephew living in the immediate area, and I felt like working on this project was really appropriate.”

Teams of four workers from Woodcrafters II installed shelving to store all of The Alternative House’s donated goods, as well as built raised platforms to protect files from damage in the event of flooding. All of the work was scheduled in stages in order to accommodate the residents and ensure that the work wasn’t too overwhelming.

Butch Foster of Builders First Source supplied lumber.

Woodcrafters II, in business for 10 years, focuses primarily on cabinets, interior trim and railing installation.

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