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Event Coordinator Internship

“Seeing what HomeAid is doing in person really helped show the tangible results. I’m surprised at how quickly my time at HomeAid has passed, and I’m going to miss it here a lot.”

Intern Jason Fischer (2012)
“I love being part of an organization that changes the quality of life for families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness. I chose HomeAid to gain hands-on experience organizing, planning and implementing events; I have a strong interest in event planning, and this internship will help me determine if I want to start my own business as an event planner or project manager after I complete my MBA degree.”

Intern Emily Elliott (2012)
“I was so surprised by the number of projects HomeAid completes in a year. It’s much more than I expected, and the projects have to be completed quickly. This was my first time working with an organization like HomeAid, and it helped open my eyes to opportunities that are out there.”

Intern Katie Brown (2011)

“I would absolutely recommend this internship to others. I learn something new every day that I work, and I think that’s a very necessary aspect of a rewarding internship.”

Intern Meghan Lynch (2010)