15 Years of Building Hope In Our Community

HomeAid Northern Virginia is a successful and dynamic non-profit that builds and renovates housing and shelter facilities for the organizations that own or operate them. Started in 2001 by members of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA), we believe that the best way to solve homelessness is to ensure that everyone has a safe and stable place to live.

HomeAid’s partners give their time, resources, and expertise to improve the lives of thousands of people struggling with homelessness by focusing on what matters most – a home. Our relationship with NVBIA and the homebuilders and trade partners in our community bring significant savings to the shelter organizations who own the properties, allowing them to put scarce resources where they are needed most – into the programs and services that truly help clients get back on their feet and lead better lives.

Since 2001, we have completed over 100 projects with a retail value of more than $13.5 million, ranging in size from painting a house to demolishing an old shelter and replacing it with a new home.

In 2016, HomeAid Northern Virginia celebrated 15 Years of Building What Matters Most.

HomeAid Northern Virginia is a chapter of HomeAid America.






People need safe and stable housing before they can focus on receiving the training, counseling, and other assistance they need in order to get back on their feet.

HomeAid enables the homebuilding community to give back by doing what they do best, ensuring that the upgrades and new building projects are of the highest quality and that the work is both efficient and long-lasting. We work exclusively with shelter organizations (rather than directly with homeless families and individuals) because this helps to ensure that the people we serve will receive the kind of attention and programming (in addition to housing) that they need in order to reach self-sufficiency. The shelter organizations receive significant cost savings on the work—savings that allows their limited resources to go back into the immediate needs, job skills training, and other educational resources that truly help people to get back on their feet.

Shelter organizations in Northern Virginia care for thousands of homeless families and individuals each year. Maintaining the properties that serve as homes for these families can be challenging and costly and without HomeAid’s help, many shelter projects could not be completed. HomeAid Northern Virginia provides expertise in project management, as well as significant savings on construction costs on all projects we undertake for the community. Through our projects, shelter organizations can spend less of their precious money and staff time focusing on construction and renovation of their properties, while still making the changes that will secure safe and stable housing for their clients.

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MissionUntitled-1People facing homelessness. Most people become homeless due to domestic violence, mental health or development issues, physical impairments, lack of financial stability, job loss, and abandonment. At least 25% of the homeless are children – many statistics suggest that this percentage is even higher.

The shelter community. HomeAid supports homelessness services provider organizations by providing building services and project management at a fraction of the retail cost, as well as through other community efforts, such as our annual Housing Forum, Night at the Ballpark event, and our Helping Hands Volunteer Program, which is designed to relieve the burden on shelters of offering much-needed household supplies and food to the families they serve.

Our projects serve a diverse mix of people within the homeless population including victims of domestic violence, veterans, those suffering from chronic physical or mental health issues, and homeless children and teens. HomeAid’s goal is to be a major resource for Northern Virginia service providers through the construction and maintenance of housing for the homeless. Our Shelter Program enables area shelter organizations to expand their housing and program options with the savings HomeAid provides.

In 2016, we completed projects for Women Giving Back, Good Shepherd Housing & Family Services, Cornerstones, Pathway Homes, Community Residences, Vint Hill Transitional Housing, and Youth for Tomorrow.  To view our full list of service provider partners, please visit our Shelter Partners page.



According to a report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, renters in Northern Virginia need to earn $28.25 per hour, or an annual salary of $58,760, to afford the area’s fair market rent of $1,469 for a two-bedroom apartment. That rent translates into a work week of 156 hours by a minimum wage earner ($7.25/hr) to be able to afford food, transportation, utilities, medical, and child care. Considering these costs it’s no surprise that nearly 13% of Virginia’s 40,000 homeless persons live in the Northern Virginia area. These individuals and families live in their cars, on the street, in wooded areas, and abandoned buildings

There are more than 5,000 reported homeless individuals in Northern Virginia and only 1,065 shelter beds available. That means there are 3,935 people who have been identified as not having a safe, stable place to live. Children without a home are twice as likely to have health problems as those with stable homes. The services we provide help area shelters to care for more of the state’s children at risk for homelessness and children already in shelters, almost half of whom are under the age of five.

What the statistics don’t tell us is the number of families and individuals in jeopardy of becoming homeless because they have lost a source of income; have credit problems and are finding it hard to secure an apartment; or are victims of domestic violence or other dangerous living arrangements.

These numbers also don’t reflect those who are doubled or tripled-up living in one house because they simply cannot afford basic living expenses such as rent, food or utilities.

We know that safe and secure housing is the only way for people to rebuild or improve their lives.

HomeAid fills a critical gap in ending homelessness by increasing the number of homes and improving and expanding facilities so that they can serve more people. Our work directly impacts a person’s ability to get back on their feet, and also builds sustainability among our shelter partners – allowing them to focus their attention and resources where they are needed most – on the clients that they serve. HomeAid is committed to helping local organizations provide quality housing for families and individuals to minimize the effects of homelessness on their health and well-being. Every project we undertake makes a significant impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness, and every project offers the homeless hope for a brighter future.

Declining Homelessness

Get Involved

Big Give

Be a Builder Captain or Trade Partner. Every project we undertake needs building industry experts like you. Get involved and watch your investment of time and resources make a positive, long-term impact on homeless families and individuals.

Tie HomeAid to your corporate event. Many companies and organizations have organized charity runs, golf, tennis, and cornhole tournaments for the benefit of HomeAid Northern Virginia. What could your company do?

Participate in our Helping Hands Volunteer Program by holding a food drive for one of our shelter projects, or assembling Welcome Home Baskets for families moving into the homes we renovate.

Have an interest or skill you’d like to share with shelter families? HomeAid regularly connects volunteers with our shelter partners for the benefit of families who are learning to be self-sufficient. If you have a special skill or interest – like cooking, budgeting, organizing in a small space, or something else you’d like to share one-on-one with a shelter client or in a small group setting, please let us know.

Serve on an event committee. Lend your talents to planning our Annual Gala & AuctionBuilders and Friends BBQNight at the BallparkAnnual Housing Forum, or our Annual Golf Tournament.

Contact us if you’d like to GET INVOLVED!

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