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HA_1015 timeline_FHomeAid Northern Virginia is a successful and dynamic non-profit that builds and renovates housing and shelter facilities for the organizations that own or operate them. Started in 2001 by members of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA), we believe that the best way to solve homelessness is to ensure that everyone has a safe and stable place to live.

HomeAid’s partners give their time, resources, and expertise to improve the lives of thousands of people struggling with homelessness by focusing on what matters most – a home. Our relationship with NVBIA and the homebuilders and trade partners in our community bring significant savings to the shelter organizations who own the properties, allowing them to put scarce resources where they are needed most – into the programs and services that truly help clients get back on their feet and lead better lives.

Since 2001, we have completed over 100 projects with a retail value of more than $13.5 million, ranging in size from painting a house to demolishing an old shelter and replacing it with a new home.

In 2016, HomeAid Northern Virginia celebrated 15 Years of Building What Matters Most.

HomeAid Northern Virginia is a chapter of HomeAid America.



HomeAid Northern Virginia builds new lives for homeless families and individuals through housing and community outreach. Our programs serve a diverse mix of people within the homeless population, including victims of domestic violence; people with disabilities; those suffering from chronic physical or mental health issues; and homeless children and teens. HomeAid’s goal is to be a major resource for Northern Virginia service providers: our Shelter Program enables area shelter organizations to expand their housing and programming options with the savings provided, and our Helping Hands program helps fill in the gaps, through donations of household goods and food items for projects we’ve recently completed. These programs help homeless families and individuals to gain stability and a roof over their heads and offer the tools necessary to rebuild their lives on a secure foundation of self-confidence and hope.



HomeAid brings the expertise and resources of the homebuilding industry to benefit the 5,000+ people in Northern Virginia experiencing homelessness at any one time. Unlike other housing charities, HomeAid relies on the generosity and expertise of professional builders, trade partners, suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors to renovate and expand housing and homeless shelters. HomeAid is able to provide construction services to shelter organizations at little or no cost.

For the last 14 years, our partners have generously donated more than $7.6 million to our projects – saving shelters more than 55% on construction costs – funds that have been redirected back into programs and services to help homeless clients become more independent and self-sustaining.

We have a strong track record of making a difference in people’s lives. A person must have a stable place to live before they can begin to change the circumstances which led them to homelessness and to recover from its devastating physical, emotional and psychological effects.

We are a vital partner in raising awareness of the problem and in working toward long-term and sustainable solutions that include many other important community partners.

HomeAid helps those experiencing homelessness stabilize their lives and empowers them to get the help they need to get back on the road to self-sufficiency. We revitalize neighborhoods by taking old, worn-down properties and transforming them into beautiful homes, raising expectations and home values throughout the neighborhood.

HomeAid fulfills an otherwise unmet need in our area and provides an opportunity for the public, private and non-profit sectors to work together to solve this complex problem.

We do more than build houses – we change lives.

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